Micro-Credential Course (MCC)

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About Micro-Credential Course (MCC)

Micro-Credential Course (MCC) awards certification for successful completion of recognised courses offered by Inspire@Learning. It demonstrates mastery of skills and knowledge in a given subject area. MCC can be a qualification to pursue a degree at the University by applying credit transfer upon UTAR academic programme enrolment or it can be part of an employer-mandated training pathway leading to a final overall qualification for an employee. It is also designed to make learning flexible, convenient and affordable to learners. 

The following are the three modes available under the MCC umbrella: 

The fee for each course in all MCC modes (online, physical and blended) is the same as the fee for each course in UTAR full-time undergraduate programmes.

How MCC-Online Mode Works

Go through assessments and complete course in 14 weeks

Earn valuable credential and 
credit transfer when you pursue your study