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About UTAR Webinar

UTAR has hosted inspiring and educational webinars for UTAR students, staff and alumni, as well as the general public to keep them engaged in mindful and continuous learning since the start of the MCO due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinars incorporate intellectual pursuits, knowledge acquisition and critical thinking in various areas of interests. 

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Accounting, Business and Economics

7 habits of Highly Effective Learner

Exploring Business World

Art, Science and Education

Be Bold and take Charge of Your Future

Impactful OTL for Educators: Reaching Your Online Teaching and Learning Goals with macOS

The Millionaire Baby Workshop

Chinese Studies

優大中华研究院中文系云讲堂系列 之 《倚天屠龙记》中张三丰的道家思想

優大中华研究院中文系云讲堂系列 之 从中国历史看东南亚历史:那些年,中国明朝与马六甲王朝的那些事

優大中华研究院中文系云讲堂系列 之 从他乡到家乡:马来西亚的华人移民与方言社群的发展

優大中华研究院中文系云讲堂系列 之 如果佛教缺席于中华文化

優大中华研究院中文系云讲堂系列 之 孔子与他的学生群

優大中华研究院中文系云讲堂系列 之 谈马华小说五个亮眼人物形象

優大中华研究院中文系云讲堂系列 之 那么近,那么远:二战前的马来亚历史补阙

優大中华研究院中文系云讲堂系列 之 马华文学=蕉风椰雨?—从马华诗歌谈起



Creative Industries & Design

Communication Practices in New Media

Engineering, Technology and Build Management

An Outlook of the Future of Petrochemical Industry in Malaysia

BTech Electronic Systems

Impact of Covid-19 on the Construction Industry

The Journey to Chemical Engineer

Information and Communication Technology

Emerging Opportunities of Digital Transformation with ICT

Online Presentation Software: Options for Beginners

Riding the Revolution: Preparing Our Youth for Industry 4.0

Life and Physical Science

The Opportunity Behind The Crisis

The Science Behind Hand Sanitizers

Medicine and Health