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Micro-Credential Course

Rapid and discontinuous changes characterise the twenty-first century. Adults, workers, and graduates must be agile enough to reskill and upskill in order to stay on, if not ahead of the curve, in such a dynamic environment. In this ever-demanding society, Micro-Credential Course is a popular solution to improve one’s skills.

Micro-credential is a certification of assessed learning from a single or a series of courses designed to educate learners with information, skills, values, and competences in a specific field of study or activity.

Micro-Credential Course in UTAR

Micro-credential courses at UTAR support the professional, technical, academic and personal development of the learners. Individuals can take micro-credential courses as part of an approved programme for educational objectives or as a form of professional development, upskilling or reskilling. 

An e-certificate will be provided upon completion of a micro-credential course. Participants will also be awarded the UTAR Malaysian Micro-Credential Statement (UTAR MMS) which will allow them to transfer credit when they pursue their studies in UTAR. In order to do the credit transfer, participants are required to meet specific minimum entry requirements for particular programmes which can be found at https://admission.utar.edu.my/Entry-Qualifications--and--English-Language-Requirements.php

Mode of Study

UTAR Micro-Credential Courses are designed and delivered through physical, blended and online modes as shown below: 

 Physical Mode

Lectures, tutorials and practical sessions are conducted in a traditional face-to-face setting.

Blended Mode

Lectures are conducted in a web-based online learning setting while tutorials and practical sessions are in a traditional face-to-face setting.

Online Mode

Lectures, tutorials and practical sessions are conducted in a web-based online learning setting at the participants’ convenience. Participants are given the flexibility to choose classes which are offered on weekdays after working hours and weekends.

Micro-Credential Course (Undergraduate)

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Micro-Credential Course (Postgraduate)