Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Students 

1.What is APEL.C?

APEL.C stands for Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning for Credit Award. It is a credit award for students’ prior experiential learning that is relevant and specific towards a course in an accredited programme of UTAR. 

2.Can I apply for APEL.C? 

Yes, as long as you are a registered student of UTAR Master (by Coursework/Mixed Mode) or Bachelor programme. 

3.I have prior working experience and/or have attended relevant short courses, should I apply? 

Yes, you are encouraged to apply based on your relevant knowledge and skills acquired through non-formal work-related learning experience and informal training courses. 

4.Is there any age limit? 

No, there is no age limit. 

5.Is APEL.C applicable to final year project and dissertation?
APEL.C is applicable to all courses offered by the respective programme (subject to the requirements by the relevant Professional Bodies, Ministry of Higher Education and University, if any) except for final year project-based courses and dissertation. 

6.Can I apply for courses which I have already registered in my current or undertaken during the period of study? 

No, you are not eligible to apply for courses you have registered for or have undertaken. 

7.What is the maximum percentage of credit transfer through APEL.C? 

The maximum percentage is 30% of the total graduating credits of a specific programme of study. This percentage is in addition to the credit transfer provision based on the existing formal credit transfer policy. 

8.Will APEL.C credit transfer contribute to my CGPA?
No. The credit award (without any grades) will appear in the transcript of the student as ‘CT(APEL)’. 

9.When can I apply for APEL.C? 

You can apply by Week 2 of a trimester, EXCEPT for the 7-week short trimester. 

10.What are the fees incurred for APEL.C application? 

(a) Pre-application Fee: RM60 (irrespective of the number of courses per trimester) 
(b) Application Fee: RM100 (per credit hour for eligible students) 
(c) Appeal Fee: RM100 per course 

11.Can I get a refund if my application is not successful? 

No. All the fees paid are non-refundable except for the Appeal Fee which will be refunded if your appeal is successful. 

12.What are the processes of APEL.C application? 

There are 4 stages: 
i) Pre-application 
ii) Application 
iii) Assessment, and 
iv) Results and Appeal.

Click HERE to view the APEL.C Application Process Flowchart. 

13.Where can I obtain the relevant forms? 

You may download from here: 
(a) APEL.C Acknowledgement Form (DOWNLOAD
(b) APEL.C Pre-application Form (DOWNLOAD
(c) APEL.C Self-Assessment Form (DOWNLOAD
(d) APEL.C Application Form (DOWNLOAD
(e) APEL.C Portfolio Submission Form (DOWNLOAD
(f)  Appeal on APEL.C Course (DOWNLOAD

14.Who will guide me upon submission of my pre-application form?
Advisor will guide you throughout APEL.C application process and assessment procedures. 

15.Who will assess my application? 

Assessor (subject matter experts/ specialists/ academic staff appointed by the faculties based on courses applied) will develop the assessment instruments and evaluate the evidence submitted. 

16.What are the types of assessment? 

(a) Challenge Test: A challenge test can be in the form of a written test, oral examination and/or performance assessment; depending on the nature and discipline of the course. For example, the challenge tests for performing arts, public speaking and music composition, may take the form of a presentation or even skills demonstration. 

(b) Portfolio: A portfolio is a compilation of evidence by students to show their prior experiential learning. It contains information such as learning statements, documentary evidence, a mapping of individual prior learning experience to the course learning outcomes. Students will be required to fill out APEL(C) Portfolio Submission Form. 

17.How will I be informed about my application result? 

You will be notified by UTAR APEL.C Centre via email notification. 

18.Can I appeal for my result?
Yes. You are required to fill up an appeal form and submit to UTAR APEL.C Centre not later than one (1) week after the release of your results for APEL.C application. 

19.What Guidelines can I refer to? 

You may refer to: 

20.Where can I get more information about APEL.C application? 

For further enquiries, please visit UTAR APEL.C Centre which is currently attached to the Centre for Extension Education (CEE) or contact us at: 
03-9086 0288 Ext. 807 (UTAR Sg. Long campus) 
05-468 8888 Ext. 2236 (UTAR Kampar campus) 

All information is correct at the time of upload and UTAR reserves the right to make amendments without prior notice.