Improve your English and live life to the fullest with English Enhancement Programme (EEP). This programme is for Malaysians, ranging from school-leavers to working/non-working adults who wish to improve their English language proficiency for immediate use in their everyday life.

Placement Test is required to determine the level of entry.

For enquiries and placement test arrangements, please contact us at:

Sungai Long Campus: +603 9086 0288 Ext: 807
Kampar Campus: +605 468 8888 Ext: 2529


Programme Structure & Fee

Elementary / Intermediate / Advanced Level:
RM 1590* per level
RM 530* per stage
*Fees includes 6% Service tax.
*Fees exclude Registration fee, Activity & Service fee, Facility fee, Resource Centre fee, Bond Deposit, Administrative fee and Caution Money.

Intake Dates

Elementary / Intermediate / Advanced Level

6 July 2020 / 19 October 2020