English Enhancement Programme (EEP) provides interactive, student-centred English lessons to equip learners from school-leavers up to working adults with necessary English Language skills in order for them to communicate more effectively and efficiently in the language for the fulfillment of their various needs.

Programme Educational Objective (PEO)

EEP graduates are able to demonstrate a level of proficiency in English required for academic programme enrolment and/or personal growth.

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

  • PLO 1: Express effective oral communication in formal and informal situations.
  • PLO 2: Demonstrate comprehension of a wide range of reading sources.
  • PLO 3: Demonstrate comprehension of authentic listening materials.
  • PLO 4: Write to convey ideas and opinions in formal and informal situations.

Courses Offered 

  • CXSE1104 English Level 1 
  • CXSE1204 English Level 2 
  • CXSE1304 English Level 3 
  • CXSE1404 English Level 4 
  • CXSE1504 English Level 5 
  • CXSE1604 English Level 6 
  • CXSE1704 English Level 7 
  • CXSE1804 English Level 8 
  • CXSE1904 English Level 9

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