Inbound Student Exchange Programme

Inbound Student Exchange Programme is open to international students to pursue high quality academic programmes. At present, UTAR has a growing number of international students from around the world. 

We welcome more international students who embark their exchange journey in our university!


To experience the student life at UTAR
To learn more about the Malaysian culture
To exchange ideas, experiences and learning skills
To encourage more international exposure

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  1. Applicants must be full-time students of the partner institution or university with sufficient proficiency in the English Language.
  2. The duration of study must be one trimester or up to one academic year. Applicants are advised to consult their faculty and the international office staff prior to making any decisions on an exchange. 
  3. Applicants on an academic exchange may attend classes with or without seeking credit transfers for subjects taken at UTAR. Applicants need to fulfill all attendance and programme requirements at UTAR while ensuring that the requirements of the home institution are not breached during the exchange. 
  4. Applicants may join any international activities or programmes offered at UTAR:
    - Undergraduate programmes
    - Postgraduate programmes
    - Short-term courses 
  5. Applicants should return to their home institution to complete their programme of study. The exchange programme allows a maximum of one academic year of exchange and the awarding of the degree is the home institution, not UTAR. 
  6. Training and certificate courses organized by the UTAR Division of Community & International Networking (DCInterNet) will be issued with UTAR certificates upon completion and fulfillment of the course at UTAR.

Application procedures 

  1. All application for exchange programmes (academic study, research, training & internship) must be directed to the Division of Community & International Networking (DCInterNet) at UTAR. 
  2. The required application documents:
    i. A completed inbound application form with a passport size photo
    ii. A letter of recommendation from the home university stating purpose and duration of study at UTAR
    iii. A letter of confirmation from the home university to prove that the applicant is enrolled as a full-time student.
    iv. One set of academic transcripts with a certified English translation if the original language is not English
    v. A copy of passport (only pages with passport number, photo, issuance and expiry dates)
    vi. One set of passport (scanned copy from the cover to the end of the pages of passport)
    Additional documents for International students applying for visa/student pass:
    vii. A passport size photo in 4.5cm x 3.5cm with a white background (in Jpeg format)
    viii. Health Declaration form 
  3. Health Examination New International Students are mandated to undergo a Post-arrival medical screening in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. Please note that all international students coming from or transited more than 12 hours through countries with risk of Yellow Fever transmission are required to produce the certificate of vaccination for VAL application purposes.
    For more information about medical screening, visit the website
    Students shall send soft copy of the above documents & application form to Division of Community & International Networking (DCInterNet) - dcinternet@utar.edu.my 
  4. Submission Deadlines
    - Admission for January Trimester 15th September (previous year)
    - Admission for June Trimester 15th February (current year)
    - Admission for October Trimester 15th June (current year)

Fees & expenses 

The fees that applicants are responsible while on the exchange programme at UTAR are: 
  • round-way airfares 
  • local transport 
  • food and meals 
  • accommodation 
  • books and stationery 
  • other living expenses 
  • caution fee for utilising UTAR library service (refundable upon completion of the exchange programme provided no book damage charges or book loans are outstanding.) 
Upon approval and acceptance, a student bill and offer letter will be sent to the International office of Host University. Fees must be paid prior to commencement of the programme. 
For International applicants are compulsory to pay the EMGS visa application fees to UTAR prior to commencement to facilitate visa application.