Outbound Academic Exchange Programme

This is a short-term study programme offered to UTAR students to pursue high quality academic exchange programmes in another institution or university, local or abroad, with partner universities or non-partner universities.


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To experience student life in a partner university/institution overseas
To learn more about the culture, people and its country

To exchange ideas, experiences and learning skills

To encourage more international exposure


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Outbound Students Testimonial

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  1. Applicants must be full-time UTAR undergraduate students. 
  2. The duration of study must be one trimester or up to maximum one academic year. Applicants are advised to consult their faculty Dean and Centre for Extension Education (CEE) staff prior to making any decisions on an exchange. 
  3. Applicants on an academic exchange may attend classes with or without seeking credit transfers at host institution. Applicants need to fulfill all attendance and programme requirements at host institution while ensuring that the requirements of UTAR are not breached during the exchange. Written approval and advice from the respective Deans/ Head of Department at UTAR are required prior to embarking on the exchange programme. 
  4. Applicants may choose to join partner institutions from a list of more than 26 economies. Please find the list of UTAR MoU/MoA partner institutions here. https://dcinternet.utar.edu.my/university_partners.php
  5. All exchange students must return to UTAR to complete their undergraduate studies. The conferment of degrees/awards upon completion of studies will be under UTAR not the host institution.

Application procedures 
  1. All application for exchange programmes must be directed to the Centre for Extension Education (CEE) at UTAR. 
  2. The required application documents:
    a. A completed outbound application form (with Faculty Dean and HoD’s signature) and a passport size photo.
    b. A letter of recommendation from Dean and stating the purpose of joining the programme at Host University.
    c. A letter of confirmation from the home university to prove that the applicant is enrolled as a full-time student.
    d. One set of academic transcripts.
    The following additional documents are required for Student pass and Visa Application:
    a. A copy of passport (only pages with passport number, photo, issuance and expiry dates).
    b. One photocopy of the approved Leave of Absence application form (if applicable).
    c. One passport-sized colour photograph with white background ONLY (4.5cm x 3.5cm).
    d. Evidence of VISA approval, insurance policy, and etc. (if relevant).

Fees & Expenses 
Partner institutions 
  1. UTAR students pay tuition fees only to UTAR not the host institution for the exchange programme. 
  2. The amount of tuition fees payable depend on the number of courses taken where credit transfers are requested and approved. The tuition fee per credit hour is based on UTAR standard rates. No registration and administrative fees are charged for the exchange programme unless agreed by both institutions. 
  3. Courses taken at host institution where credit transfers are not sought will not be charged tuition fee by UTAR but may be charged by the host institution depending on the terms of the agreement which may vary between partner institutions. 
  4. Applicants are responsible for the return air fare, transport, meals, accommodation, books, stationery and other living expenses while on the exchange programme. Visa and travel documentation charges imposed by the host country are generally paid by UTAR applicants prior to departure. 

Non-Partner institutions 
  1. UTAR students are required to pay the programme tuition fees and all other miscellaneous fees charged by the host institution. 
  2. The amount of tuition fees charged will depend on the courses/credits enrolled and the duration of study at host institutions. 
  3. Applicants are required to pay for the visa, return airfare, transport, meals, accommodation, books, stationery and other living expenses during the exchange programme at the host institution.